new comic every monday through friday!
(most of the time...)

i've suddenly become quite busy with my band! good for me, bad for comic output. i'll update when i can!


hi there!  my name's robert sifuentez, and i'm the author of this ol' webcomic!  i live in redmond (suburb of seattle!  woo!), washington.

Movies With Robots!  stars myself, my pal Jason, and Miss Kittin, the famous electronic musician/DJ, whom in the comic is inexplicably a close friend.  MWR also occasionally features whatever random photos i either have laying around or are up for grabs on the webbynets.

you've probably noticed that pretty much the same 3 photos are used over and over and over and over for this comic.  this is not without good reason, and here it is...

wait for it...

you're gonna love this...

i can't draw.  there it is.  my dark, terrible secret.  i don't think inabilities should discourage, though.  i'm not looking to push the webcomic envelope or anything, just hoping to give a few folks a chuckle.

i'm also a rabid music lover.  i write tunes under the name The Paper

dear Miss Kittin, please don't sue me.

also, feel free to e-mail me!